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FMR is nestled in the 6,000,000 acre Adirondack Park, just 30 miles west of Lake Placid. 

Sunday afternoon units arrive at the base camp on West Pine Pond and prepare for their treks. What makes FMR unique is our canoe base on Rollins Pond, which connects directly with the vast Saranac, St. Regis, Tupper, Raquette, and Fulton Chain of canoe waters. 

Our Location

Your Voyageur

Every unit at Floodwood is assigned a Voyageur (employed by FMR) who is attached to your trek during your entire FMR experience. They assist and guide the group from the first moment of arriving until departure. This includes all aspects of scheduling, gear shakedown, canoe skills, camping/cooking skills, and mentoring of youth participants.

They hold numerous certifications including Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Leave No Trace, Youth Protection, and Safety Afloat.


Canoe Treks

Canoeing treks are the backbone of the Floodwood program. They can vary in length and difficulty depending on the group's experience and desires. Treks are typically five-day trips, Monday-Friday, some of which qualify for the 50 miler award. Many treks have portages, varying in number, distance, and difficulty where the canoe is carried over-head to the next body of water. There are also many short day-hikes that can be done while out on trek.

View our offered canoe treks below or customize your own trek! We are happy to work with your unit directly and design a unique trek. 

Backpacking Treks

One of the most popular recreation destinations in the Adirondacks is the High Peaks Wilderness Area. Treks typically backpack in and establish a campsite, and then spend a few days doing day-hikes up various mountains (there are many to chose from!) Most popular is Mount Marcy, the highest point in NY at 5344ft.


Tackling the elevation gain in this region is very challenging and shouldn't be taken lightly, but with proper preparation our units prevail! 

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In-Camp Program 

Treks typically return on Friday morning and the rest of the day is spent with various in-camp activities.


- Most popular is our water tubing, powered by our 250HP ski boat on Rollins Pond.

- The unique climbing program at FMR is located at our natural rock face at West Pine Pond. Scouts can pick their route up the climbing wall and then descend down our 40ft rappelling wall.

- Our Adirondack Adventure Area is home to hatchet throwing, archery, cross-cut sawing, and more!

- Scouts also enjoy the pool table, ping-pong, and foosball in the Program building.

Other Trek Options:

Trekking 101

Our Trekking 101 program is designed for scouts 11-12 years old who are new to high adventure and wilderness camping. A typical week starts off with a short hike up Floodwood Mtn. and a trip to the Wild Center or ADK Experience, followed by canoeing merit badge and trek preparation. You then launch your canoe trek which is typically two nights and covers ~10 miles. 

Again, you are not confined to the trek descriptions we have outlined! Get in touch with us and we will help you customize your trek!


Combo Treks

Some units decide to split the week in half between canoeing and hiking. This is easily accomplished with prior planning and communication between your unit and the Camp Director.  An upcharge for transportation may apply.


Flex Treks

Customize the duration and calendar days of your trek to best fit the scheduling requirements of your unit! Rock Climbing is planned for Fridays only. Water Tubing, Adirondack Adventure Area, Hiking, and Canoeing can be done on any day. Must be coordinated with the Camp Director.

Provisional Treks

The minimum trek size is typically three Scouts, two adult leaders, and your Voyager (six total). However, with our Provisional program it only takes one Scout to attend Floodwood!. Any scout can form a trek with provisional scouts from other Troops. Must be coordinated with the Camp Director to ensure proper adult leadership on the trek.

Local To Do

Take advantage of all our region has to offer with a trip to the Wild Center, Adirondack Experience, Lake Placid Olympic Sites, or Donnelly's Ice Cream!

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Extended Video

Interested in attending? This 10min video provides a comprehensive overview of a typical week at FMR.

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