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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a rank requirement in order to attend?
    There is no rank requirement but First Class Rank outdoor skillsets will be called upon to be used every day.
  • What is the age requirement for Scouts?
    There is no age requirement. HOWEVER, it is recommended that those going out on a trek (canoe or backpacking) be at least 13 yrs old. A scout must be able to physically contribute to the forward motion of a canoe. ​ The Trekking 101 program is specifically designed for younger scouts. The program builds upon foundation skills (canoeing, navigation, wilderness camping, etc.) used in trekking and includes a shorter trek (two nights). Unit Adult Leadership is critical to the success of Trekking 101 which will have at least one (sometimes two) Voyageurs attached.
  • What are the group size limits for different treks?
    Group sizes are set by the NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and vary depending on how the land you are traveling through is classified: wilderness, forest preserve, etc. In the High Peaks Wilderness, group sizes should consist of no more than 15 hikers and no more than 8 campers. In the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness, group sizes must not exceed 8 people. If the group size is over 8, then a second trek must be organized and the two treks must camp at least a mile apart. All other canoeing treks are capped at 12 people. Remember when figuring this out to include the Voyageur and adult leaders in the total group number. Also remember to abide by the BSA regulation of having atleast two 21 yr. olds per trek. Backcountry permits are issued taking these regulations into account. FMR will advise and coordinate getting Backcountry Permits Note that the sites on Middle and Lower Saranac Lakes (which must be reserved ahead of time) are limited to 6 people per campsite.
  • Can we bring our own Buddy Tags for swimming?
    Short answer is YES, as long as the appropriate documents found in the FMR Leaders Guide are filled out and submitted when checking in. You cannot just bring Buddy Tags- the accompanying roster that certifies the results of the swim classification test has to accompany the existing buddy tags. See the Swim Classification Record form. ​ The swim classification test performed at a unit level should be conducted by one of the following council-approved resource people: Aquatics Instructor, BSA; BSA Lifeguard; BSA Swimming & Water Rescue; or other lifeguard, swimming instructor, etc. Test administrators should utilize chapter 5 of the BSA Aquatics Supervision Guide. ​ You cannot add names to the roster when checking in at FMR.
  • Does my unit need to bring our medical forms to camp?
    YES. Two (2) copies please. One copy stays in the West Pine Base Camp with the EMT and one goes out on trek with the Voyageur.
  • Can we check in on a different day other than Sunday?
    Yes. There is a FlexTrek option that allows check-in outside of the normal Sunday schedule. This must be coordinated with the Camp Director in order to assure appropriate staffing can be assigned.
  • Can we do both Backpacking and Canoeing?
    YES, we have a Combo Trek option! This requires coordination with the Camp Director. A small upcharge may apply for transportation.
  • What canoes are available for trekking?
    Aluminum Grumman Canoes are the workhorses of most treks. A small number of Fiberglass Canoes are also available. Lightweight Kevlar Canoes are available by communicating with the FMR Camp Director. Kevlar canoes need to be reserved ahead of time and priority is given to treks in the St. Regis Wilderness Area (given the large # of portages). Kevlar Canoes come with a small upcharge of $10 per canoe per day.
  • What is a Voyageur?
    A Voyageur is your guide (employed by FMR) attached to your trek during your entire FMR experience. They assist and guide the group from the first moment of arriving until departure. This includes all aspects of scheduling, gear shakedown, canoe skills, camping/cooking skills, and mentoring of youth participants. ​ They hold numerous certifications including Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Leave No Trace, Youth Protection, and Safety Afloat.
  • Do we need to have a Voyageur on our trek?
    YES. Per New York State Department of Health Regulations, a FMR trained and employed Voyageur must travel with the group for their entire duration of their stay.
  • What food is brought on trek?
    Most dinners are freeze dried. There are some fresh items, mostly consumed on day one or day two of trekking.
  • What meals does Floodwood provide?
    Floodwood covers all meals starting with Sunday dinner and through Saturday breakfast. Sunday evening BBQ, send-off-Breakfast, and Friday evening BBQ are cooked by staff- all other meals are Patrol Cooking on trek.
  • Where do units sleep while at the West Pine Pond base camp Sun. and Fri. nights?
    Units sleep in canvas tents on platforms, equipped with cots. There are a number of Patrol campsites at West Pine Pond.
  • Where do units camp while on trek?
    The vast majority of campsites on trek are first come, first serve and are available to anyone trekking through the Adirondacks. Some sites have lean-to shelters and others don't- your Voyageur will know where the best sites are! If you plan on a Lake Flower trek, campsites on Middle and Lower Saranac Lakes MUST be reserved ahead of time through
  • My unit is unsure of what to pack for trek, what should we bring?
    Please see the Packing List and/or Gear Shakedown Video.
  • What gear does Floodwood provide?
    Gear you might think of as “Patrol” or "Troop” gear is supplied by FMR. This includes: water filtration unit(s), backpacking stove, fuel, cook kit, tarp, bear bag, trek first-aid kit. Extra tents are also available so when you are halfway there and remember the tent you forgot, you don't have to turn around. ​ You are responsible for individual personal gear such as sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent or hammock, clothes, hygiene supplies, etc.
  • Does Floodwood provide paddles and PFDs? Can I bring my own?
    Yes. You can bring your own, however the PFD must be Type III (or Performance Level 70-100) in order to meet BSA regulations.
  • Our unit is doing a High Peaks trek, do we need bear canisters?
    Yes, bear canisters are required in the High Peaks Wilderness Region and are available for rent at the Adirondack Mountain Club's Loj at Heart Lake and the Cascade Welcome Center on Route 73.
  • Are there showers at Floodwood?
  • Is there Wifi at the base camp?
    Yes, for adult-leaders only, at West Pine Pond. No WiFi at Rollins Pond Canoe Base.
  • Is there cell reception while out on trek?
    Most of the time, but not in every region.

Don't see your question here? Please don't hesitate to contact us, we answer the phone!

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