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The Backbone of Floodwood: the Trek!

Note that these tried-and-true trek descriptions are just a framework to help you plan your trek. Your unit does not have to follow the itinerary to a T. Ultimately, it is most important that you pick/design a trek that provides the level of challenge that your unit desires and is capable of accomplishing. We will gladly work with your unit 1-on-1 and help you design your trek!  We highly recommend that the Scouts take an active role in the trek planning process.

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Provisional: Can't form a full trek? Any Scout can come to FMR and join a provisional trek 


*Combo Trek: split your week between hiking and canoeing (small upcharge for transportation may apply)

*Flex Trek: custom pick the duration and calendar days of your trek 

*Must be coordinated with the FMR Camp Director 

Suggested Maps:

Each trek description will state which maps are applicable.

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