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Canoe Treks 

Ranked from: Beginner, Moderate, Challenging, Extreme

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Lake Flower
35 Miles       5 Days      Moderate       Max Group Size: 12

This trek offers a challenging day hike up Ampersand Mountain, with tremendous views of the High Peaks and the canoe area, as well as a chance to paddle through Upper and Lower State Locks. There is
only one portage. You will be traveling very popular routes and will see other canoes as well as houses along the shore lines.

*Campsites on Middle and Lower Saranac Lakes are by reservation only via and are limited to 6 people per campsite.



Tupper Lake
35 Miles       5 Days       Moderate       Max Group Size: 12

This trek offers a nice compromise for canoeists of moderate or varying skills. Some of the advantages of this trek include wildlife viewing opportunities on the Raquette River and a bald eagle’s nest at Indian Point on Tupper Lake.  There is one long portage. This trek can also easily be made into a 50 Miler by adding a detour to Middle Saranac Lake to day-hike Ampersand Mtn. or by canoeing to the south end of Tupper Lake. 


St. Regis via Paul Smiths   
35 miles       5 Days      Challenging       Max Group Size: 8

If it’s wilderness you are looking for, the St. Regis Wilderness Canoe Area is the place for you. You will encounter only a few other canoers as you paddle and portage your way through quiet lakes and small ponds. Make the most of the trek by taking time for bog exploring, fishing, aquatics and hiking St. Regis Mountain. 


Long Lake
50 Miles       5 Days       Challenging       Max Group Size: 12

This trek f
ollows both well-traveled routes and secluded parts of the Raquette River and tends to be more difficult, mostly due to a couple of strenuous portages. This is a 50 Miler if you get dropped off at Buttermilk Falls.

*Due to the current on the Raquette River, this trip is best navigated starting in Long Lake and returning to Rollins Pond



St. Regis via Buck Pond   
50 miles       5 Days       Extreme       Max Group Size: 8

This trek is characterized by its secluded route and hence relatively undisturbed 
wildlife. It travels through some of the most pristine wilderness of the Adirondacks where you will be challenged by several long and difficult portages that will require the crew to demonstrate disciplined cooperation and stamina. Crews that cannot complete a portage in a single crossing should not attempt this trek
(there are 16!).



Blue Mtn. Lake    
70 miles       5 Days      Extreme       Max Group Size: 12

Begin the trek at Blue Mtn.
 Lake with a tour of the Adirondack Museum, a day hike up Blue Mtn., or dive right into this 60 mile voyage through some of the best waters of the Adirondacks. Navigate the Eckford Chain of Lakes, pass through the pristine Marion River, Raquette and Forked Lakes, and Buttermilk Falls—all on the way to Long Lake. From here, follow the "Long Lake" trek back to Rollins Pond. This trek should be attempted only by experienced paddlers and has several long portages.

*This trip is ONLY offered as a drop off at Blue Mtn. Lake 


Old Forge   
90 miles       5 Days       Extreme      Max Group Size: 12

The ultimate trek that Floodwood has to offer, following the route of the Adirondack Canoe Classic 90-Miler Race! After a 2hr+ drive from FMR, start your trek in Old Forge, the beginning of the Fulton Chain of Lakes. Traverse from First Lake to Eighth Lake, through the scenic Brown's Tract to Raquette Lake, Forked Lake, and then a long carry to Buttermilk Falls on Long Lake. From here, begin the 50mile Long Lake trek back to Rollins Pond, or follow the race-route through the Saranac Lakes to a pickup in Lake Flower. This trek should be attempted only by the most physically fit, experienced paddlers and has several long portages.

*This trip is ONLY offered as a drop off at Old Forge. 

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